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halloween decorations

Halloween Shadow Box

kyle divine

To continue with my Halloween themed Glowforge creations, here’s a shadowbox I finished today. The idea was inspired by a similar shadowbox being sold on Etsy for $200. This one cost maybe $5 to make, took a couple of hours, and was a whole lot of fun. My only regret is not doing the zombie layer a more visible color. I’m not great at making frames so I decided to make little spider webs to cover the corners of my frame, now you can’t tell that they’re not perfect 🙂

Halloween Shadowbox

Happy Halloween sign

kyle divineComment

The idea for this came from other Halloween signs I found on Pinterest. For mine, I used a 12” x 36” pine panel to attach all of the pieces to. I cut out all of the letters and shapes out of wood with my laser cutter. If you don’t have a laser, these shapes can be cut out of vinyl with a Cricut or Silhouette machine, another option is to hand paint the shapes. I used the mighthype font for the word happy, and hiragino kaku gothic font for halloween. The spider web and the bats I found doing a google image search.