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Keson 48" Level Review

kyle divine

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the Keson company asking if I would be interested in reviewing their 48” focus vial level. OF COURSE I WOULD!

I own several levels. Most of them are good quality levels that were handed down to me from my father in law who recently retired and sold his landscaping business. I use levels for a wide variety of tasks, both for my business and around the house. The Keson level is definitely an upgrade from the hand-me-down levels I’ve been accustomed to.

Keson Level

This is a heavy duty level, for sure. Compared to the lightweight levels I use regularly around the house, this one feels like a tank. It is clear that this level was built to last and can stand to take a beating. Which is good if you’re using it on a job site. There are rubber bumpers on the ends of the level which protect the level in case of drops.

focus vial

The key feature of this level is definitely the focus vial. For people unfamiliar with it, the focus vial basically magnifies the level vial making it more visible and more pronounced. The secondary benefit having the magnification piece on either side is protecting the vial. I was able to read the level vial from a distance, and in low light situations, which is a plus.


Magnets line the bottom side of this level, they’re not a unique feature, but are incredibly convenient when working with steel and other metal surfaces. The magnets are strong enough to hold the entire level up vertically when against a metal surface and should easily attach to any metal work cart.


All in all it is a great level and I am happy with this addition to my workshop. With heavy duty construction I would recommend it for anyone looking for a solid job site level.

For information on finding a distributor, check out https://www.keson.com/find-a-distributor/